With Open Jaw™ our aim is to evolve the way we travel and carry the essentials of travel. Whether it be on an every day commute or a journey around the world, I hope our products can contribute to your experience every step of the way.


The Fan™ Wallet is a minimalist wallet optimized to bank and store cards but also carries practically anything else you would usually put in a normal wallet including bank notes, receipts, train tickets, business cards, boarding passes and so on.

The Fan™ Wallet is unique in that it gives you instant access to exactly the item you want. The problem with most minimalist and some conventional wallets is that everything is clumped together and you have to shuffle through to get what you need which is a big compromise. This is not a problem you have with the Fan Wallet.

Not only is the Fan™ Wallet functional but it has been elegantly crafted using a single piece of high quality, eco-friendly, vegetable tanned Italian leather, all done without the use of gluing or stitching. The back of the leather has been left exposed to leave a raw yet refined finish and the sides have been left intentionally open to reduce carrying around unnecessary material and also because when you look at its profile, it is reminiscent of the front of an aircraft jet engine. This in turn then acts as a reminder of flying and the joy of travel, every time you pull this out of your pocket.


The Fan™ Wallet measures 10cm long x 6.0 cm wide x 0.5cm thick when empty, making the wallet extremely sleek, slim and tactile. The thickness of the wallet increases based on the content and when carrying 10 credit cards, it measures 1.6cm thick. This slightly thicker profile allows for infinitely greater accessibility and feels great to hold whilst still being unnoticeable in your pocket.


The Fan™ Wallet is currently available in three different colours in but will soon be available in a range of other finishes, materials and styles too. We are also working on other products and designs so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter.


The leather we are using was chosen after a painstaking selection process based on the material needing to surpass our high benchmarks for quality and consideration was also made of the source of the leather, the craftsmanship used to create the raw material and also the environmental impacts of the production process.

We settled on using leather from Conceria Puccini Attilio, a renowned tannery in Tuscany, Italy. This tannery prides itself on producing high quality leather closely reflecting the natural elements used to make their materials. Their tanning process exclusively involves the use of extracts from vegetable tannins, such as chestnut extract, mimosa and quebracho to ensure a cleaner tanning, in order to protect the environment. Conceria Puccini Attilio is a founding member of the “Real Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium”, a small group of tanners in the leather district between Pisa and Florence, where the leather is still produced according to traditional methods. The quality of the leather tanned in Tuscany is the result of a multi-generation experience and tradition and is closely connected to the lifestyle and culture of these areas.

Manufacturing Process

As important as the materials we are using is the manufacturer. We are partnering with a local company who are not only a major supplier for the largest brands and high end boutique marques throughout Asia, but they have also been a strong supporter of entrepreneurs and small businesses. In addition to this, they are a key proponent of spreading the knowledge of leather craft in Hong Kong through workshops and also at schools as a career development initiative. We are lucky to be working with them to individually hand finish every Fan™ Wallet using their team of craftspeople in the area and we are also glad, in turn, to be supporting local businesses too.

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